3.5 Options

Options have the general form NAME[=value]

where value can be a number, and expression, or a string. Several options are separated by comma or blank. NAME must begin with a character [A-Z]. If options are given on a COMMAND line or on directives within a command block, they are valid only for the corresponding program (see Sec. 3.3). If options are given in a procedure, they are valid only in the procedure and procedures called from the current procedure; whenever a procedure is terminated, the options of the previous level are restored.

Options can also be single keywords, like SYM or NOSYM. In this case, the option is switched on or off, depending whether or not the key begins with NO. Alternatively, such logical options can also be set or unset using NAME=ON or NAME=OFF. For instance, SYM=OFF is equivalent to NOSYM. Furthermore, YES and NO are aliases for ON and OFF, respectively.

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