23.7 Density-fitting MP2 (DF-MP2, RI-MP2)


invokes the density fitted MP2 program. The present implementation works only without symmetry. RI-MP2 is an alias for the command DF-MP2.

The following options can be specified:

Fitting basis set. basis can either refer to a basis set defined in a BASIS block, or to a default fitting basis set (only available for correlation consistent basis sets). If a correlation consistent orbital basis set is used, the corresponding MP2 fitting basis is generated by default. In all other cases, the fitting basis must be defined.
Screening threshold for 3-index integrals in the AO basis
Screening threshold for 3-index integrals in the MO basis
Screening threshold for 2-index integrals of fitting basis.
Screening product threshold for first half transformation.
If Non-zero, use sparse algorithm in second-half transformation (default).

See section 15 for a more general description of density fitting. Expectation values and gradients can also be computed with DF-MP2.

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