43.12 Controlling the amount of output

PRINT,i$_1$, i$_2$,...;

Each number specifies the level of output required at various stages of the execution, according to the following convention:

No output except serious, or fatal, error messages.
Minimal output.
Standard level of output.
Extra output.
The areas for which output can be controlled are:
Print of input parameters, wavefunction definitions, etc.
Print of information associated with symmetry constraints.
General convergence progress.
Progress of the 2nd order optimization procedure.
Print of converged solution and analysis.
Progress of variational optimization.
Usage of record numbers on file 2.
For all, the default output level is +1. If $i_5\geq$2 VB orbitals will be printed in the AO basis (provided that the definition of MOs is available); such output may be especially useful for plotting of orbitals.

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