A..2.11 Installation on a Cygwin system

On a Windows machine Cygwin should be installed. In addition to the default package list one should also install the packages listed in table 23.

Table 23: Cygwin requirments for user install
Package Package Group Reason
gcc-core Devel compiling C files
gcc-fortran Devel compiling Fortran files
gcc-g++ Devel compiling C++ files
make Devel need GNU make
ca-certificates Net download boost
curl Net token download

If undertaking development work table 24 contains a list of potentially useful packages.

Table 24: Cygwin packages for developers
Package Package Group Reason
bison Devel bison
gdb Devel gdb
git Devel git
libxslt Libs xsltproc
openssh Net ssh
vim Editors vi

With the above steps, configure can be run and the Molpro built in the normal way.

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