8.9.1 The SHOW command

The general form of the SHOW command is as follows:


where expression can be an expression or variable, ncol is the number of values printed per line (default 6), and format is a format (default 6F15.8). This can be used to print vectors in matrix form. The specification of ncol and format is optional. Assume that E is a vector:

prints E using defaults.
prints E with n elements per line; (if n>6, more than one line is needed, but in any case a new line is started after n elements).
prints E in the format given, with newline forced after n elements.

Note that the total length of the format should not exceed 100 characters (a left margin of 30 characters is always needed).

A wild card format can be used to show several variables more easily:


shows all variables whose names begin with QM and DM. Note that no letters must appear after the *, i.e., the wild card format is less general than in UNIX commands.

See the TABLE command for another possibility to tabulate results.

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