Geometry optimization for weakly bound systems (fwd)

Dr. Martin Schuetz teomgs at
Thu Dec 21 11:15:34 GMT 2000

Answer to problem described by Dave Moore...

Dear Dave,

There exists a second optimizer in MOLPRO (which is undocumented and
still experimentel) which might be more adaequate for optimizing
weakly bound systems. It is described in CPL 303, 567 1999 and uses
force-weighted redundant coordinates. You can activate it with e.g.


optionally, you could try optg;coord,cart;method,slrfwh;linesear,-1
or optg;coord,cart;method,slrfwb;linesear,-1 (the latter two cases
use an additional forcefield (appropriate for hydrogen-bonded systems)
in the update or in the update and the selection of the nonredundant
coordinates, respectively. Again, this is still experimentel, but I used
it successfully for the optimization of water clusters of intermediate
size. Use cart. coordinates for the specification of the input geometry
and don't forget to supply the noorient keyword.

Hope that helps. Apart from that there is not much we can do without an


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