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Mon Jan 10 11:07:19 GMT 2000

On Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2000 12:47:11 +0200 (EET) Jussi Eloranta <eloranta at> wrote:

> Dear Sir,
> Here is something I went thorugh in installing molpro98.1 on a
> linux system.
> On linux/redhat 6.1 with portland compilers
> 1. applypatch has / as sed delimiter. If one gives full paths to
>    it then bad things will happen.
> 2. applypatch manages to install the patches in wrong order.
> 3. The license installation is very unclear:
>    I first tried to use the key at the end of the molpro token.
>    This should have given me some error that license was not 
>    valid. Instead it seg faulted and gave no explanation!
>    It appears that the license check object file in parse directory
>    can not properly output the "invalid license" text but just 
>    crashes there (I found this out by running things with gdb..)
> 4. Hmm.. this last one... Well don't shoot me for doing this ;-)
>    My boss gave me the licese token on paper which was printed from
>    windoze and the output was somewhat messed up. Since he was not
>    around during the weekend I just asked your www server to
>    resend the passwd file and replaced the e-mail address in the
>    request to mine. Well, I was able to receive it. Perhaps your
>    server should be more careful about this, although in my case
>    it was a useful feature. Someone could misuse it.
> Initially I had some strange problems in getting utilities/arscan.c
> to compile with gcc but I changed the c compilter to pgcc (portland one)
> and it compiled without errors. The configure detects portland f77
> compiler but does not detect pgcc (portland cc).
> Best regards,
> Jussi Eloranta
> Department of Chemistry
> University of Jyvaskyla
> Finland
> ps. Prof. Henrik Kunttu is our license holder.

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