Error in writing

Paul Fleurat-Lessard fleurat at
Thu Nov 2 09:21:09 GMT 2000

Hello Molpro-Users,

	This pb has already been pointed out here, but not in this form I
	After a long calculation, Molpro stops saying :

wrabsf: Error in writing to file T1800019212.TMP (unit 18), 2457600
words at word offset 276344832

	It is not the first time I see that, and it appears to me that the
 276344832 words are the 2Gb limit for a file under Linux. We have a 8Gb
hard disk, 
but I don't know how to say that to Molpro, or how to split the tempory
in smaller parts (as in Gaussian98)...

	Can you help me ?
	Thank you in advance,
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