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deborah buam deborah_buam at
Fri Nov 3 22:26:04 GMT 2000

Dear Colleagues,
                We have installed MOLPRO2000 in Intel Pentium-III 550 MHz 
64bit machine with 10.2 gb HDD and we've configured and compiled the program 
. We've got the executable file Molpro.exe but while running the job, it 
comes out and gives the following message in the output file for h2o 
molecule :

Symmetry will not be used
Error  Exit
Recursive Call of Error Handler, File Information may be lost
Emergency Stop

We've also tried to run make test for the testjobs and we end up with a list 
of output files with extension filename *.errout.Is this an indication that 
we have not installed MOLPRO successfully ? Or is it due to the changes 
we've made in the file molpro.rc ? Would you please advise us how to go 
aboutin running the jobs ?

We look forward to your response and help,


Chemistry Department
NEHU, Shillong , India.
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