Rodolphe POLLET rodolphe.pollet at
Mon Sep 4 14:54:09 BST 2000

> I am receiving an error message in my output file
> immediately after it displays the MCSCF wavefunction
> to have converged, and just before a geometry
> optimization is to begin.  It states, "Error in
> reading from file T1600014503.TMP (unit 16), 8192
> words at word offset 32768."  There is some slight
> variation in the exact numbers, but the essential
> message is always the same.  Can anyone tell me what
> this is and how to correct it?
I had a similar message, namely
"wrabsf: Error in writing to file T1400009046.TMP (unit 14), 24576 words
at word offset 4891648"
It seems that there were not enough space on device defined by $TMPDIR.
After a clean-up, everything was fine.

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