Y2K compliance

James Cliburn jcliburn at wes.hpc.mil
Mon Sep 18 17:51:47 BST 2000


I'm in the process of attempting to obtain MOLPRO for my customer, but
my corporate buyer is balking at the lack of Y2K compliance
certification.  My question is this: Has anyone reading this missive
experienced Y2K-related problems using MOLPRO 2000?  Please reply
directly to my email account (jcliburn at wes.hpc.mil) since I'm not a
regular reader of this list.  A simple "no problem here" message will be

Thanks in advance,
James Cliburn
jcliburn at wes.hpc.mil
Computer Sciences Corporation
Director, Systems Integration and Technology
US Army Engineer R&D Center MSRC
Vicksburg, Mississippi

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