Trouble in reinstalling molpro2000.1

kinugawa at kinugawa at
Wed Aug 8 07:34:50 BST 2001

Dear Experienced users of molpro2000

We got the licence of molpro2000.1 during the last January and succeeded 
in the first instalation in a Linux machine. Recently we had to 
reinstall molpro2000.1 in the same machine as it was cracked in June. 
This time, however, we failed in compliling dftigrad.f. As we checked 
the error log, we found a line saying 'Fortran 90 feature at (^) 
unsupported'. The manual says that we can do without Fortran 90. Do we 
need to use Fortran 90 at now ? 

Best Regard

Tohru Kinugawa
The University of Electro-Communication

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