MOLPRO compilation problems 3

Aleksey Kuznetsov kuznetsov at
Thu Aug 9 22:44:37 BST 2001

Dear Expert Users,

during Molpro compilation (on Linux system) using "make" command, I'm
receiving the following message:

linking /home/boldyrev/molpro/molpr2000.1/bin/molpro.exe
link failed

Should any options be added or deleted in Molpro CONFIG file to fix this
problem? Should the line below have any after "-lgks0", e.g., "-lblas", or

pgf90 -tp p6 -pc 64 -mp -02 -Munroll -g77libs -o
/home/boldyrev/molpro/molpr2000.1/bin/molpro.exe molver.o molpo.o
-L/home/boldyrev/molpro/molpr2000.1/lib -lmolpro -lgks0

and also I'm again getting the message

make: *** [bin/molpro.exe] Error 1

How could the above-mentioned problem be solved? What can be wrong with
compiler options?

Thank you in advance.

Aleksey Kuznetsov. 

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