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	We finally came to the conclusion that it was a general problem with
the Chipset/Motherboard combination we were using.  After going to
*many* websites, I found that there were I/O bandwidth issues with
the PCI-IDE bridge from the VIA Apollo chipset used on our ASUS
Motherboard.  Since I have SCSI drives, it was not immediately
obvious that this should pose a problem, but the SCSI adapter card
does interface through the PCI bus and bandwidth is bandwidth ....
so, I tried switching to another brand of ASUS motherboard that did
not use the VIA chipset, and that seemed to get rid of the problem ..
we have been running for several months now without having any of
these randomly occurring, hardware-related problems.
	From your brief description, I would guess that you have a similar,
hardware related problem, but without knowing more details, I cannot
be sure.  Clearly, if all 4 of your systems use the *exactly* same
hardware, then if might simply be that you have a faulty motherboard
(or other component) in the one that doesn't work.  If this is the
case, you might want to try swapping around the hardware components
to isolate the problem.  This was one of this things we tried first
here while diagnosing the problem ... since that didn't help, we knew
it must be a more general issue.
	Anyway, that is my $.02 ... hope it proves helpful for you.

Dave Moore  

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	Dear David,

Being desperate with the behaviour of ONE out of the 4 athlons I just
bought, which randomly gives me an error in executing the same
which runs flawlessly in all other 3 machines, I looked in the net
found your statement of desperation on the 26th/May. 
Did you solve the problem ? What was it ?

			Greetings and thankx,  Jorge M. Pacheco

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