Narcisse Wolo nwolous at
Thu Dec 6 11:36:14 GMT 2001

Dear Sir, 

Compliment of the season. I am Narcisse Wolo of the
Democratic Republic of Congo, former procurement
officer, Ministry of Defence to the government of the
late President Laurent Kabila; I am presently in

 I was in Europe, sent by the late president to
procure, military Hardware’s for the government to
enable it fight opposition, which was very intensive.
I left the country under diplomatic cover with $22M
(Twenty-Two Million US Dollars) to secretly purchase
the equipment as the United Nations have place embargo
on warring countries against arms sales. 

I was on this mission when the news of the
assassination of President Kabila reached me. I could
not return to the country for fear of arrest as those
of us in the corridor of power knew his death was
arranged by those who are now in government as they
have locked up the late president's faithful. 

 This fund which was meant for the procurement I have
lodged with a security company's Vault. But for
security reason I will not mention until am sure of
you. I have been given political asylum with limited
travel movement. I am contacting you for one reason; I
want to move this fund into a very profitable business
in your country. I need you to front for me, as I will
not want to be too known as a big investor for fear of
my life. My movement (travel) is very limited as part
of my condition to stay here by my host country. 

I shall give you 15% as compensation for your
assistance, please get back to me urgently to know how
to move forward. I will be most grateful for any

Yours faithfully, 

Narcisse Wolo. 

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