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it's actually much more straightforward in Molpro - your input
just follows sequentially.  For example, if you want to do a
MP4 calculation followed by CCSD(T), CASSCF, and then MRCI you
can use the same integrals for all "jobs" and have something like:

      F  1  2.0}


(where I've assumed the defaults will work ok everywhere)

Of course, you can also have complicated looping, if statements, etc.

even different molecules and basis sets can also follow one after
another.  For example you can do all the necessary calculations for
a counterpoise calculation in one input and only do the 2-electron
integrals once.

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> Hi:
> In Gaussian we used --link-- to submit multiple inputs in
> one job.
> What is the command for doing so in MOLPRO?
> Tapas
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