memory allocation problem

Jacek Klos jakl at
Wed Jun 20 22:54:56 BST 2001

Dear Molpro Users,

I have problem to run molpro jobs in wich I want to allocate more than 1GB
of memory. The platform is Compaq DS20E with 4GB of memory (2GB per CPU).
The maximal amount of memory I can allocate is
memory, 116,m;
which is around 1GB of memory.

When I am attempting to put more than 116 mwords the job exits with a
error message: gmainv1 failure to allocate 130158002

and in the output I get:

Failure in attempting memory allocation of 130158002 words (993 Mbyte)
This error has been generated by the operating system,
and may be the result of insufficient system memory or paging space
In order to avoid the problem in the MOLPRO context,
consider also reducing the requested memory through
the MEMORY input command, or the -m command line option
gmainv1 failure to allocate 130158002


Do you know how this problem can be overcome?

Thank you in advance for reply,


Jacek A. Klos
>From 5/2001 till 8/2001:
Department of Chemistry
Oakland University
Rochester Hills
Michigan 48309

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