Large File Support (.gt. 16GB) under Linux?

Elmar Gerwalin elg at
Fri Nov 16 07:20:58 GMT 2001

Hello !

We need Large File Support for Molpro on a LINUX-i586 PC.

We know already:
 - Linux , ext2-filesystem can handle files larger than 16 GB
   (tested with dd)
 - Molpro on LINUX can handle files 2 - 16 GB
   (CONFIG file was modified)
 - Molpro can create files larger than 16 GB on 64bit machines
   (tested on Alpha, Tru64)
 - Molpro results in an error while creating a file larger than 16 Gb
   (error message:
   f_seek: illegal negative file offset on file file1, unit 11,
            offset=-2147479552 )

The Question:

  What must be done do enable Molpro to manage files .gt. 16 GB ?
 We would be glad if you could help us.

Elmar Gerwalin   (group of Prof. W. Meyer)

Elmar Gerwalin ,   University of Kaiserslautern,Germany
                   Dept. of Theoretical Chemistry
                   elg at    0631-205-2749

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