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The CSFs are defined as the action of the antisymmetrizer on the
product of a simple spatial orbital product and standard genealogical
(branching-diagram) spin functions (see the book by Pauncz, for
example). The '+' and '-' define the path on the branching diagram,
with the orbitals ordered as you have guessed (by symmetry
first). Thus, for example,
+-+-+- is the perfect-pairing 6-electron singlet spin function
+-+ is (aba-baa)/sqrt2
++- is (2aab-aba-baa)/sqrt6
Some further tutorial details can be found at
At Fri, 7 Sep 2001 11:50:28 +0300 (EET DST),
John Kerkines wrote:
> When using CSFs, the same line is:
> ++ - +       0.2783026
> This corresponds to one spin-adapted linear combination, isn't it? 
> Which one is it? And which one is, for instance: 
> "+- + +       0.0000000"?
> Ioannis Kerkines

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