make test failure

Elmar Gerwalin elg at
Wed Feb 27 08:47:08 GMT 2002

Hello ,

I had the same (or: a similar)  problem a few weeks ago
(sent to the molpro list with subject "alloc problem")

After some testing I came to the conclusion that the allocation problem is
not caused by molpro itself:

between the "datasize limit" (set by the shell)  and the MEM-requirement
given in the input there must be some "space", e.g. 100MB  left, for the
binaries I guess.

Then it works fine.

See also the mail of Prof. Werner from 18.Feb 2002.

Hope that helps


Elmar Gerwalin ,   University of Kaiserslautern,Germany
                   Dept. of Theoretical Chemistry
                   elg at    0631-205-2749

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