(fwd) CCSD(T) geometry optimization with xyz coordinates

H. -J. Werner werner at theochem.uni-stuttgart.de
Thu Jul 18 13:13:51 BST 2002

This problem occurs since the program tries to do a numerical optimization
in 3N coordinates (wich is of course nonsense in this case). It increments
an x coordinate by some small value, and then the symmetry is reduced, and
the error occurs. It would certainly work without symmetry, but this would
be a big wast of time. You should use a z-matrix input which contains in this
case just one parameter (the bond distance) to be optimized.
H.-J. Werner
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Subject: CCSD(T) geometry optimization with xyz coordinates
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Dear Molpro users,

I try to do a geometry optimization of a molecule where the
geometry is given in xyz coordinates. Here is a little example:

 O   0.000000000   0.000000000  -0.569524962
 C   0.000000000   0.000000000   0.569524962

Molpro stops the execution during the ccsd geometry optimization
with the message

 Permutation not found: symmetry=           1   i=           5  
 bflab:                                  12pz    12pz    12pz    13d0   
   13d0    13d2+   14f0    14f2+   21s     21s     21s     21s    
22pz    22pz 
    22pz    23d0    23d2+   23d0    23d2+   24f0    24f2+ 


What's going on?
Should Molpro be able to do such a geometry optimization?

With best regards

Ludger Palm

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