Parallel Molpro problem

Andreas Nicklass nicklass at
Fri Jun 28 16:41:39 BST 2002


On Fri, Jun 28, 2002 at 06:02:53PM +0300, Aristotle Papakondylis wrote:
> Dear Molproers
> I tried to run the parallel version of Molpro2002.3 on a two processor
> Digital Alpha Workstation.
> Unfortunately a got the following output:

Is this your first parallel job or did you run other parallel jobs
before? Were other users successful in running parallel jobs with this
molpro installation?

In case you're running your very first parallel jobs with this
installation, I suggest that you first check your Global Arrays
library. Does $GA_ROOT/global/testing/test.x work correctly on
your machine?

Other steps could be to call molpro with the '-v' option to get
some information about parallel job start-up. You can set the
environment variable MOLPRO_GA_DEBUG to 1 to preserve output from
the child processes.

good luck,


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