escaping filenames

Jochen Küpper jochen at
Wed May 1 17:45:35 BST 2002

molpro does not properly escape filenames when it copies .out to
.out_1.  This manifests itself in the following error:
| sh: -c: line 1: syntax error near unexpected token `/home/mpuser/jochen/(C'
| sh: -c: line 1: `mv /home/mpuser/jochen/(xy)2/file.out /home/mpuser/jochen/(xy)2/file.out_1'
| Failure 512 executing mv [...]

Ok, my filenames (actually directories) contain '(', but they are
perfectly valid.  They simply need to be escaped when you pass them to
a shell.  So the mv-statement above should read 
| mv /home/mpuser/jochen/\(xy\)2/file.out ...

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