undefined refs to libt.so in MOLPRO 2002 parallel version

James A.J. Fitzpatrick J.Fitzpatrick at bristol.ac.uk
Fri Nov 29 10:05:17 GMT 2002

Dear Prof. Knowles,

I am currently trying to build MOLPRO 2002 on a linux beowulf cluster with 
myrinet interlinks. The code compiles but will not link because of some 
three undefined references in libt.so. My understanding is that libt is 
part of the LAM/MPI distribution and is not used in myrinet?? I have given 
the error below and have enclosed  the CONFIG file for your info. Any help 
on this would be greatly appreciated as this has been a unsolved problem 
for a couple of months now!

Thanks in advnace,

linking /t/chjajf/para/molpro2002.5/bin/molprop_2002_5_myrinet.exe
link failed
mpif90 -pc 64 -fast -g77libs -o 
/t/chjajf/para/molpro2002.5/bin/molprop_2002_5_myrinet.exe molver.o 
molpro.o -L/t/chjajf/para/molpro2002.5/lib -lmolpro 
-L/home/chjajf/para/g/lib/LINUX -lglobal -ltcgmsg-mpi -L/usr/local/lib -lt 
-L/home/chjajf/para/g/lib/LINUX -lma -lpario -larmci -L/usr/local/lib -lgm 
-lpthread -lgks0 -L/usr/local/lib -llapack -ltstatlas
-L/usr/local/mpich-gm-pgroup121-7b/lib -lmpich -L/usr/local/lib -lblas -lz
/usr/local/lib/libt.so: undefined reference to `mnemonic'
/usr/local/lib/libt.so: undefined reference to `argvfree'
/usr/local/lib/libt.so: undefined reference to `argvadd'
make: *** [bin/molprop_2002_5_myrinet.exe] Error 1 

James A.J. Fitzpatrick
Laser Chemistry and Dynamics Group
School of Chemistry, Cantock's Close, Bristol BS8 1TS, UK.
Telephone (Office) : +44 117 928 9938,
Telephone (Lab)    : +44 117 928 8187
Fax : +44 117 925 0612

E-mail : j.fitzpatrick at bris.ac.uk
Web    : http://www.chm.bris.ac.uk/~chjajf
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