Building Molpro for Alpha Linux

David Smith David.Smith at
Tue Oct 1 11:10:22 BST 2002

Peter Knowles wrote:
> I have the impression that you can just forget about the -i8 flag. The
> key thing is that type 'long' in C is actually compiled as 8
> bytes. You should perhaps check this:
> int main(){ printf("%d\n",(int)sizeof(long)); }
> Peter


I'm still trying to get things to work, but at this stage trying is the
operative word. I'm not sure I quite followed the "long" integer stuff.
Certainly some of the source contains this kind of definition but my c
is not good enough to really understand what is going on.

Anyway, I tried with CC="gcc" along with 
FC="fort -i8 -assume no2underscores"
F90="fort -i8 -assume no2underscores"

and the compilation proceeded with no errors.  However, if I try make
quicktest or something similar I get: 

"Received signal 11 Segmentation violation" every time I try to execute
the program.

At first I thought it might be a problem with malloc as I had read some
stuff on the list about that not so long ago.

I didn't have the very latest version so I downloaded the current one
which has the linuxconf and linux_gmalloc patches installed.
Unfortunately, it didn't help. Still the same error when trying to run.

I looked in linux.conf at the following logic:

  elif [ `uname -m | grep -c alpha` -eq 1 ]; then # If i am an alpha
    if test "x$3" = "xunix-linux" ; then
      if [ x"$compflev" != x"77" -a -r /usr/bin/fort ]; then
        if [ x$2 = xunix-i8 ]; then
        fortran="fort -i8 -assume no2underscores"
        cc="cc -i8 -DI64"
        fortran="fort -assume no2underscores"

and thought I would try with the         

fortran="fort -assume no2underscores"

combination directly in the CONFIG file. This gave me a complier error,
please contact the vendor...

I thought I would also see what happened when trying -i4 as an option to
configure but this doesn't work either as there is no license object
available for alpha with i4.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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