Failure in dsyev - Itanium with MKL libs

James A.J. Fitzpatrick J.Fitzpatrick at
Tue Aug 5 16:20:22 BST 2003


I have successfully got MOLPRO 2002 to complie and run on a 4 processor 
Itanium box with efc 7.1, and the configure script will work fine as long 
as you usr ./configure -efc -i8 and have IA64ROOT set to the correct 
location /opt/intel/compiler/70/ia64 in my case.

I do however have a problem with linking in the intel MKL libs for the blas 
and lapack routines. MOLPRO links fine but the calculation fails when 
trying to calculate the 2-electron integrals with a "failure in dsyev" 
error message. I have looked in the source code and there is a note 
mentioning that some vendor lapack libs fail in dsyev, and I assume that is 
what is happening here.

If anyone has any ideas they are welcomed as this is a current sticking 
point, and we only have so long long to evaluate this box!

Thanks in advance.

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