parser object Itanium

Matt Hodges matt at
Tue Aug 5 16:31:59 BST 2003

>>>>> Jacek Klos writes:

 > Thank you for answer, but unfortunately this doesn't work for me.
 > In configure I see such options: usage: ./configure
 > [-mpp|-nompp|-mppx] [-i8|-i4] [-f77|-f90|-ifc|-pgf] and I don't see
 > -efc option. I set variable IA64ROOT as you suggested and tried
 > -ifc -i8 switches but the result was the same, that it cannot find
 > licence object: Cannot find a licence object appropriate for
 > ia-unknown-linux with i4. This architecture or combination of
 > architecture and integer size is proably not supported. Sorry ....

Do you have a Molpro version < 2002.6? As far as I know, the above
should work for at least 2002.6 and 2002.7.


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