molpro on Opteron with SuSe

Matt Hodges matt at
Mon Dec 8 16:20:14 GMT 2003

>>>>> Mike Salazar writes:

 > Has anyone successfully compiled molpro on a 64 bit opteron running
 > SuSe? If anyone has tried this and has some advise, it would be most
 > helpful.

Yes. For example, on SuSE Linux 9.0 (x86-64).

The latest 2002.6 distribution includes support for opteron machines
if using the Portland Group F90 compiler. You can choose between i4
and i8 builds by putting either linux86/5.1/bin/pgf90 or
linux86-64/5.1/bin/pgf90 first in your PATH.

The i4 build is stable, but there are some unresolved problems with
the i8 build.

Dr. Matt Hodges
School of Chemical Sciences
University of Birmingham

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