Anion calculation???

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Dear Daniel, 

The nubmer of electrons is determined through the "wf" directive. It
specifies how many electrons are in the system, irrep, and multiplicity.
In the case of SCF for a dipole-bound anion it is usually advantageous
to start the calculation for the SCF orbitals of the neutral. Otherwise,
it is hard to optimize the wave function. 

Thanks, Maciek
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Dear Molpro users,

 I need to calculate an energy of the dipole-bound anion (i.e. the
anion,  where the electron occupies diffused orbital that is placed
outside the  molecular frame, not the valence orbital, as it is the case
for  "conventional" anions).

 My question is how to do this? I have a molecule, and I place one dummy
atom Q at the given position outside the molecule, than I put the
diffuse  functions at there using:

 But how to tell Molpro I need to calculate an anion, i.e. how to put an
electron there. In Gaussian I would do this just using -1,2 (charge,

 Thanks for your help.

Daniel Svozil, PhD
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