FOLLOW-UP Re: weird problem with MOLPRO2002.6mpp and Red Hat 8.0

Pawel Dziekonski pawel.dziekonski at
Wed Jun 4 10:53:49 BST 2003


using of personal .config is not a good idea.
if you are unable to kill even with -9, this means that the process
is probably so called zombie, which is ... already dead :-)

if it is zombie then see to system logs for kernel/process oopses and
see what have died. most probably it was kswapd, which means bugs in
virtual memory management.

always upgrade to latest stable kernel, don't use distro kernels
(they are very general purpose so not too eficient).

if you have very large machine with >200 processess consider using
WOLK kernel -- Work Overloded Linux Kernel (

please reply to the list - not to specific message sender!
(could be the list configured to include proper Reply-To header???)
regards, P
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