variable referencing in MolPro

Matt Hodges matt at
Tue Mar 4 10:17:37 GMT 2003

>>>>> Seth Olsen writes:

 > I'm doing a potential energy scan along a coordinate, and would
 > like to create molden files and ASCII orbital files at each point.
 > To this end, I would like to know what syntax to use to create
 > filenames that include the variable indexing the appropriate DO
 > loop, for example (though I know this doesn't work- I tried).

 > do i=1,5
 > put,molden,example$i.molden
 > enddo

 > This command appears to create a file called example$i.molden, and
 > not example1.molden etc. Is there a way to do what I want?

This should work:

do i=1,5

Dr. Matt Hodges
School of Chemical Sciences
University of Birmingham

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