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Wed Mar 5 20:36:12 GMT 2003

We have a pentium based cluster.  one class of processors 
are P3 based: we have dual cpu boards and we are running 
redhat with kernal 2.4.2-2smp and they work well and never 
seem to crash.  The second class of processors are P4 
based (1.8GHz) with 3G of memory and an ASUS P4B 
motherboard.  We are running either 2.4.7-10 or 2.4.18-3
for the kernals on the P4s.  Regardless of the kernal, 
the P4's crash once in a while for no apparent reason.  
We reboot them and they are working correctly again.
I am wondering about other peoples experiences with
molpro on P4 based systems.  Are they just less 
reliable than the P3? Do they just have random hardware 
problems? Are these known kernal problems and using a different
kernal would help?  If so, what kernal is recommended? Any 
suggestions, comments, or ideas would be helpful.
Charlie Bauschlicher

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