2Gb memory problem

Andrea Miani andrea at theory.phys.ucl.ac.uk
Thu Mar 20 15:35:03 GMT 2003

dear molpro users,
I am using molpro on a cluster of Sun V880 connected to a Blade 2000 
"front end" machine. I could succesfully compile molpro as a 64 bit 
executable, but, despite there is no problem with scratch files, I cannot 
run calculations with more than 2Gb of memory (268 Megawords). I compiled the 
source following  all the instructions which are given in the installation 
guide, and tried  to see if something changed using BLAS=0 when running my 
"configure" file,  in order to use the Molpro Fortran blas library instead 
of the system one, as it seems it is suggested in case of Sun machines. Even 
in this case there's still the  2Gb memory limit.
On our machine each cluster has 8 processors with 4Gb or memory each, and 
memory is shared, so in principle one should be able to use 32Gb of 
Has anyone an idea of what is going on ?

Thank you very much.
Andrea Miani

Andrea Miani
Department of Physics and Astronomy
University College London
Gower Street, WC1E 6BT
London, UK

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