Printing reference weight in RS2 calculations

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Fri Oct 3 13:32:29 BST 2003

Dear  Valerie, 
did you have any success in printing out the reference weight after a RS2 
calculation? I'm trying to get the same information but I don't know 
hot to work it out.  The only values that I can see after the CASPT2 
are the norms of the I, S and P spaces. It seems that one should 
take the sum of all this norms add the reference weight (1) and then 
recalculate all the weights, but I am not sure. 
Raffaele Borrelli 
Dipartimento di Chimica 
Universita' di Salerno 
via S. Allende, 84081 
Baronissi (SA) 
office:  +39-098895364 
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