GA ERROR fehler?

Scott Yockel yockel at
Tue Oct 7 17:46:43 BST 2003

I received the following error on a rather large coupled cluster single point 
calculation before the the first SCF procedure had even started.  What type of 
error is this? What does it mean?  

? Error
 ? mxbuck too small
 ? The problem occurs in outbck(sort1)

 GA ERROR fehler

0:0:fehler:: 0

Also is there a maximum basis function limit for SCF or CC calculations because 
I'm at:

NUMBER OF PRIMITIVE AOS:         815        
NUMBER OF SYMMETRY AOS:          621        
NUMBER OF CONTRACTIONS:          507   ( 507A   )

Scott Yockel
University of North Texas
Department of Chemistry
Masters Hall Room 12

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