Opteron port

Matt Hodges matt at stchem.bham.ac.uk
Wed Oct 8 13:23:15 BST 2003

>>>>> James Fitzpatrick writes:

 > We have recently been loaned a 20 processor Opteron cluster with
 > Quadrics inter-connects to evaluate for a few months and I have
 > successfully managed to get Molpro 2002.6 and 7 to compile and link
 > with the 32bit version of the Portland Group compiler. All the
 > testjobs succeed in 2002.6 and I think only those involving the DFT
 > program fail in 2002.7 (see attached reports).

Did the configure and build go smoothly? Please let us know if you had
any problems with this.

Note that we have also tested a 32-bit build with Global Arrays
(mpp=2). Benchmark data are available at:

 > I am now currently trying to get the 64bit equivalent running and
 > noticed Martyn Wheelers thread about the Opteron a month or so ago
 > and was wondering whether the 64bit port had been successful. Any
 > news, advice or information is gratefully appreciated.

There are still problems, and many testjobs fail when using pgf90

Dr. Matt Hodges
School of Chemical Sciences
University of Birmingham

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