[molpro-user] visualizing imaginary modes with molden

Dr Seth OLSEN s.olsen1 at uq.edu.au
Thu Dec 23 05:23:26 GMT 2004

Dear Molpro Users,

Is it possible to perform a forward-differenced-gradient frequency calculation in Z-matrix coordinates using molpro?  I have tried to add a 'coord,zmat' card to the frequency deck and it seems that it does not work.  The differentiation is still done in cartesians.  This is confusing to me because I believe that it is possible to generate a z-matrix coordinate based hessian in the context of a steepest-descent reaction path following calculation.  However, I would like to calculate the hessian first in a frequency calculation, and I would like to avoid the extra time needed to calculate the full 3N degrees of freedom for the molecule.  Can I do this?

Furthermore, it seems that when I output molden files for visualization of normal modes, the modes with imaginary frequency are not output in the molden file.  I am calculating the hessian on the excited state at the frank-condon point of a molecule, so there will be one or more imaginary frequency which I would like to visualize.  Can I get molpro to output these?


Seth Olsen


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