[molpro-user] tmpfs scratch?

Matt Thompson thompsma at colorado.edu
Tue Jul 6 21:37:18 BST 2004

As I'm sure I'm not the only person who has thought of this, I figured
the list could answer it for me without my borking my system. (Note: I'm
not a Linux VM master, so this could be just a ridiculous question, as
in, "You can do it, but your system will crash in 3 seconds.")

Namely, I wondered if anyone had tried using a tmpfs scratch directory. 
Many of the jobs I run in Molpro seem to not write very big files to my
scratch directories.  That is, when I look in them I see a few files of
small or zero length.  Of course, iostat shows Molpro just hammering the
disks in some jobs, but I never seem to see any multi-GB files in the
directory (a la GAMESS or Gaussian).

Now, when I think fast I/O, I think tmpfs, so I wondered if I could do
it with Molpro.  So, has anyone out there tried this?
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