[molpro-user] exiting from Do loops without leaving MolPro

Dr Fred Manby Fred.Manby at bristol.ac.uk
Fri Nov 26 08:43:18 GMT 2004

Dear Seth,

You need a colon at the end of a label name for a goto statement, as in

goto tst:



Dr Seth OLSEN wrote:
> Hello Molpro-Users,
> I would like to know if there is a way to exit DO loops prematurely without using EXIT, which leaves the whole program.  I'm particularly thinking of the  conical intersection optimization examples included in the manual.  I would like to add a single-point calculation to the end of these.  
> On another note, what is the correct syntax for GOTO and LABEL.  I can't seem to get it right.  Are there any examples?
> Cheers,
> Seth Olsen
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