[molpro-user] FCI calculation for H3

Peter Knowles knowlespj at Cardiff.ac.uk
Wed Aug 31 20:54:55 BST 2005

This does indeed fail reproducibly. There is a bug which we will certainly try
to find and fix.

Note that the job does work if you use symmetry, which can be achieved by
giving a geometry either in internal coordinates or with the atoms placed in the
xy, xz or yz plane.


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>>> "Bastiaan J. Braams" <braams at mathcs.emory.edu> 31/08/2005 13:34:13 >>>
Dear Molpro user,

I would like advice about an FCI calculation for H3.  The following
job fails very quickly with a segmentation fault on my Intel system.

***,SP ENERGY FOR H3 doublet
  3       h3d.xyz-00000
H         1.78893575      1.73664337      0.41159189
H         2.32139768      1.27371181      0.47179363
H        -1.87184533     -1.76995798     -0.88345953

(The specific geometry is immaterial.)  Perhaps the system is simply
too large for an FCI calculation, but there is something odd.  If I
change the basis to just vtz then the job runs fine in just a minute
or so.  I would have thought that if an avtz basis for H3 is too
large, then probably H3 on a vtz basis is a very large problem as well
and might take hours.  So I am puzzled that an FCI calculation for H3
using the vtz basis is successful in a minute or so, but the same
calculation on an avtz basis fails.  Any advice?

Bastiaan J. Braams
braams at mathcs.emory.edu 
Emory University, Atlanta, GA

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