[molpro-user] Compiling on IBM AIX 5.2 LAPI

Mehdi Bounouar mehdi.bounouar at ch.tum.de
Wed Jul 27 13:17:00 BST 2005


Has anyone succesfully compiled molpro2002.9 for parallel execution on the
IBM SP 5.2.


GA library was compiled with the following:
 gmake TARGET=LAPI64 MPI_INCLUDE=/.../include MPI_LIB=/.../lib USE_MPI=no

Without making much changes to the CONFIGURE file, and everything set to
default (this means LAPI), the compilation process is fine untill linking
with the following message:

ld: 0706-006 Cannot find or open library file: -l global
        ld:open(): No such file or directory

This means that it did not finding the GA library, but when setting
that explicitely, then it does not find molver.o which is indead not found
in ./src.

So if anyone had already experience with that I would appreciate any

Thanks in advance,

Mehdi Bounouar

P.S: I will summarize if anyone is interested.

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