[molpro-user] Excited State Optimization with RS2

H. -J. Werner werner at theochem.uni-stuttgart.de
Tue Jun 7 06:24:30 BST 2005

The rs2 gradient code is only available in the current development version (2002.9)
and will be available in the next release 2005.1. 
Joachim Werner

On Di, 07 Jun 2005, Dr Seth OLSEN wrote:

>Hi Molpro-Users,
>I have now heard in several places (including the recent changes section
>of the webpage), that Molpro can perform excited-state optimizations
>with RS2.  It is not clear from the user's manual  how to do this?  Is
>this capability only available in molpro2002.7 or can I do it with
>molpro2002.6.  Are the published gradients for contracted MRPT available?
>Thanks and hello to Hanneli Hudock for another piece of evidence. ;-)
>Hope all's well in Illinois.
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