[molpro-user] installation

Nick Wilson WilsonNT at Cardiff.ac.uk
Mon May 9 08:28:20 BST 2005

Dear Sergey,

molpro requires a fortran 90 compiler and the gfortran compiler from the 
gnu project is currently not mature enough to compile molpro. The g95 
compiler http://g95.sourceforge.net is better but support for that 
compiler in molpro will not be available until the next release of molpro.

In the current release the only two compilers which we support on 
IA32/Linux are the portland compiler which you can get a 15 day free 
trial from here:
and the intel compiler which offers a free non-commercial version:

If you do not wish to use these compilers then you can download molpo 
binary rpms from:

Best wishes,
Nick Wilson

mylorien at list.ru wrote:
> Dear users,
> why I can't install Molpro with GCC?
> I got message that Molpro can be compiled
> only by IFC or PGF.
> There are some way to use GCC?
> thanks,
> Sergey

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