[molpro-user] installation of patches

Nick Wilson WilsonNT at Cardiff.ac.uk
Wed May 18 20:12:10 BST 2005

Dear Jacky,

If you want to apply individual patches then you should do:
  sh 2002.6.patch_name.sh
and leave out the < and then it should work

However this is not recommended and it is much better to use patcher. I
have used patcher on both the platforms that you mention without a
problem. There might be a useful error message in patcher.log

Best wishes,
Nick Wilson

Jacky LIEVIN wrote:
> Hello,
> I get the following problem when trying to install patches to molpro2002.6.
> The script stops when doing:    sh < 2002.6.patch_name.sh
> The reason is that instruction: myself=`echo $0|sed -e 
> "s@^[^\/]@$PWD\/&@"` puts "sh" in myself and not the name of the file. 
> This makes the command tail +358 $myself ..... fail
> Using patcher gives similar problems.
> I've got the same problem on compaq alpha and HP-UX itanium computers.
> I guess that the same should happen on any unix system. But maybe did I 
> do something wrong?
> Can somebody help me? Many thanks in advance
> Jacky

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