[molpro-user] MOLPRO experiences with dual core Opteron machines

Gershom (Jan M.L.) Martin comartin at wicc.weizmann.ac.il
Mon Nov 14 12:25:05 GMT 2005

Dear MOLPRO users and gurus:

Do any of you have experience/benchmark data/... for MOLPRO running on 
dual-core Opteron machines, particularly compared to an equivalent 
number of single-core CPUs.
(E.g., two Opteron 246s compared with a single Opteron 275,...)

What I am trying to figure out is if MOLPRO suffers from memory access 
contention on the dual-core chip. (The two cores on a dual-core Opteron 
share a single memory access channel, while two separate CPUs each have 
their own. Each core does have its own cache.)

Thanks very much in advance!
Jan Martin

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