[molpro-user] RE: Molpro 2002.6 on Altix Itanium 2/Problem with Molcas angular.f

Morimoto Kenji morimoto at hpc.co.jp
Thu Sep 1 01:10:07 BST 2005


To prevent this problem, I used to make makedepend wih gcc
by the command 'gcc -o makedepend makedepend.c' in the 
'utilities' directory in advance.


Ross Nobes wrote:
> Dear Jacek,
> Please note that the two Douglas-Kroll test jobs (ar2_dk_dummy and
> sf6_dk) fail when the Intel 9.0 compilers are used. Also, as you pointed
> out in your earlier mail, 'makedepend' does not work correctly when
> built with the 9.0 C compiler.
> Best wishes,
> Ross
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>>Dear Ross,
>>Thank you very much. Indeed, changing -O2 optimization to -O1
>>for compilation of angular.f automagically worked! Now molpro 2002.6
>>linked with no problems.
>>I tried changing to -O3 and remove -O option altogether but didnt try
>>out -O1. Thanks for this hint.
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