[molpro-user] Tungsten energy using ECP1

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You need to make sure that you are calculating the correct atomic term.
Here the ground term is 5^D for d^4s^2 and you will need to use symmetry
to control the occupied electron configuration.

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Hi all,

I am calculating the total energy for tungsten atom using ECP1 basis
set. In the paper by P.J.Hay the energy given for tungsten is -7.37870
Hartree and my calculations give me -7.03854787.

Can someone tell why is this difference coming. I tried RHF and UHF and
also NOSYM for no symmetry, still I do not get the desired result.

I am attaching the input file.
***, Tungsten
! ECP1 has core = [Xe core + 4f14] 5d2 6s2


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