[molpro-user] second derivative in mcscf

Oded Godsi godsi at rsc.anu.edu.au
Mon Aug 7 02:34:48 BST 2006

Dear all,
in the manual of molpro 2006 it say that it's possible to calculate  
analytical second derivative using


use analytical second derivatives of the energy‭. ‬At  
present‭, ‬analytical
second derivatives are only possible for closed shell Hartree-Fock
‭(‬HF‭) ‬and MCSCF wavefunctions without symmetry‭. ‬It is  
not yet possible
to calculate IR-intensities analytically‭. ‬Note that‭, ‬due  
to technical
reasons‭, ‬the analytical MCSCF second derivatives have to be  
in the MCSCF-program using e.g‭. ‬multi‭; ‬cpmcscf,hess
‭(‬see‭ ‬MULTI‭) ‬before they can be used in‭ ‬ 
FREQUENCIES‭. ‬If analytical
MCSCF second derivatives are available‭, ‬FREQUENCIES‭ ‬will
use them by default‭.‬

however, i can't get the right syntax for it to work.
any suggestion ?


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