[molpro-user] Compiling molpro Solaris 9

Martin Weise Martin.Weise at mis.mpg.de
Fri Aug 11 11:00:24 BST 2006

Hello again

I updated the compiler to (which is the latest version we own)
   Sun Fortran 95 8.2 2005/10/13

and I don't get the error message anymore.
But, I get an linking error instead now.

__mt_master_end_rtc_                /opt/SUNWspro/prod/lib/libsunperf.a(dsymv.o)
__mt_master_begin_rtc_              /opt/SUNWspro/prod/lib/libsunperf.a(dsymv.o)
__mt_MasterFunction_rtc_            /opt/SUNWspro/prod/lib/libsunperf.a(dgemv.o)

The error occurs when linking 'molpros_2006_1_i4.exe'.
The compiler flags are:

f90 -dalign -M./global -fast -ftrap=%none -xarch=v8plusb -fsimple=2 -o
[...]molpro2006.1/molpro2006.1/bin/molpros_2006_1_i4.exe molver.o molpro.o
-L[...]/molpro2006.1/molpro2006.1/lib -lmolpro -lgks0 -xlic_lib=sunperf
-lsunmath -lnsl -lxnet -lmvec -lz

[..] = I stripped the path, as I think I am not allowed to provide it and
actually it is not necessary.

I already patched the molpro with the latest updates, using patcher, but the
results stays the same.

Molpro was configured with '-f90 -i4' . I had to use '-i4' as the libsunperf is
a 32Bit library provided by Sun.

As I don't have an idea if it's an error/bug from the libsunperf or from molpro,
the question is, if anyone already got this problem, too and maybe solved it.

 Martin Weise

Quoting Alexander Mitrushenkov <sasha at theochem.uni-stuttgart.de>:

> Hello again, Martin
> It seems that your compiler is quite old. We have one machine with sun4u
> architecture where we regularly test molpro. The fortran version we use
> is:
> f90 -V
> f90: Sun Fortran 95 8.2 Patch 121019-02 2006/04/06
> With this compiler we had no problem with installing/running molpro
> (changing some optimization levels, this was patched in molpro 2006.2,
> but not 2006.1). I will prepare the patch for molpro 2006.1 too that
> will set up optimization levels correctly. We also have an access to
> older compilers:
> /soft/local/lpp.7/opt/SUNWspro/bin/f90 -V
> f90: Forte Developer 7 Fortran 95 7.0 Patch 111714-10 2004/05/13
> /soft/local/lpp.8/opt/SUNWspro/bin/f90 -V
> f90: Sun Fortran 95 7.1 Patch 112762-14 2005/04/26
> so I will check and eventually make needed changes, if possible. I still
> advise to upgrade your compiler as we will not support too old
> compilers.
> Best wishes,
> Sasha

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