[molpro-user] variable holding cartesian coordinates

Peter Knowles knowlespj at Cardiff.ac.uk
Wed Jun 7 07:22:57 BST 2006

The answer to your question depends somewhat on how you specify the geometry,
but can always be discovered from the output file.  The geometry optimizer shows
at each point the values of the variables it is optmizing, and these are
available for you to use after the optimizer finishes.  In the specific case of
COORD,ZMAT, if you have given a Z matrix consisting entirely of numbers and no
variables, then the optimizer will construct 3N cartesian coordinate variables
and use these; this is the same behaviour as COORD,CART. If, on the other hand,
there is one or more variables in the Z matrix, then these will be the optimized
variables, and the cartesian coordinates are not explicitly stored in


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>>> William Chua <dodong70 at yahoo.com> 06/06/2006 14:28:17 >>>
Dear Molpro Group,

Is there a variable which holds the 3N cartesian
coordinates of a molecule in an


calculation? If there is one, what is it?

W. Chua

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